NOTA mole tracker can easily detect the pathology of a mole in as little as 20 seconds » Gadget Flow

Stay healthy with the NOTA mole tracker. Developed by a group of engineers and medical professionals, this device can detect the pathology of a mole in 20 seconds. In fact, its technology works by comparing the signal from a healthy patch of skin with that of suspected melanoma. If you know how to use a thermometer, you can use NOTA. Just scan the mole and let the neural network examine the data. As a very compact device, it’s great for use at home or elsewhere. Bring it with you on your next vacation or when visiting a family member who may benefit from using it. Furthermore, the connected app allows you to map the moles and keep track of them. And you can use one device for the whole family! Finally, the brand supports early diagnosis and traditional health care, sending a person to the doctor at the right time.

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