Nvidia-Arm Acquisition Deal May Slip Beyond Expected Timeframe, Says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang in an interview with The Financial Times admitted to expected delays to the Nvidia-Arm acquisition deal – the result of regulatory scrutiny over the $40 billion (cash and stock) merger. “Our discussions with regulators are taking longer than initially thought, so it’s pushing out the timetable,” Huang told The Financial Times. “It’s not one particular delay,” he added. “But we’re confident in the deal, we’re confident regulators should recognize the benefits of the acquisition.” 

The initial 18-month timeframe agreed between Nvidia and Arm-owner Softbank for the deal’s push and conclusion was set to end on March 2022 – with an optional, extended deadline pushed into September 2022. The March deadline has apparently come and gone – Jensen Huang’s interview with The Financial Times at least suggests that Nvidia doesn’t think the remaining regulatory hurdles can be cleared that soon. 

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