Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk increases comfort and efficiency while you work » Gadget Flow

Work more comfortably at your computer with the Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk. Featuring 4 programmable heights, you can easily and safely transition from a seated to a standing position. Thanks to the sturdy dual motor desk frame and height adjustment range of 25″ to 51″, you’ll receive maximum comfort while you work. Moreover, this Oakywood desk goes above and beyond to make your workspace more productive, including the cable management system. So you don’t have to endure a cluttered space. Furthermore, this office furniture is available in 2 colors: oak and walnut. It also comes with 3 size options: 120 cm by 60 cm, 140 cm by 70 cm, and 160 by 80 cm. This size variety makes it perfect for a home or office workspace. Overall, increase your productivity and make health improvements while working at a computer.

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