Obscure Mass Effect 3 Easter Egg Revealed By Developer

Even after nine years there are still some hidden easter eggs in Mass Effect 3, and a developer recently revealed one that gives a nod to NASA.

It appears that not every secret was discovered by players in Mass Effect 3, because one of the game’s developers recently revealed an obscure one. The conclusion to the core Mass Effect trilogy launched over nine years ago to immense critical success, but many fans were disappointed by what was considered a lackluster ending to the series’ overarching narrative.

In today’s video game landscape, developers of many AAA titles often put a wide variety of easter eggs into their games, with some being harder to find than others. While many of these are often discovered within the first week of launch, some manage to stay hidden for far longer and occasionally require developer help in order to see the light of day. Apparently one such case was present in Mass Effect 3, and now one of the title’s developers has let fans in on the secret.

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Cinematic designer Richard Boisvert took to Reddit to reveal what he hid in the game a decade ago. By following a specific path through the solar panels at the beginning of the Mars mission, players can initiate a small rover driving up to them and giving a little nod. The rover had been discovered prior to Boisvert’s revelation, but it appears that no one was ever able to trigger the action until now. This easter egg is meant to be a small reference to NASA’s Mars rover program.

Even though it was not so obvious to initiate, it is still impressive that this rover nod went nearly ten years undiscovered in an incredibly popular series. Though it is not a unique, story-foreshadowing easter egg, it is a nice discovery after all of these years. Now that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for the modern console generation and bringing some attention back to the brand, longtime fans will undoubtedly take the chance to initiate this little event going forward.

Whenever these undiscovered easter eggs are revealed years after the fact, they always manages to generate some excitement about the games they were part of. It makes some players think that maybe they did not discover everything the title had to offer, and as such, they need to go back through that particular game again. That way of thinking might be even stronger in this case now that the original Mass Effect trilogy was upgraded yet again for current gen consoles. Perhaps there are other undiscovered mysteries still waiting to be found in Mass Effect 3 and its two preceding titles.

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Source: Richard Boisvert/Reddit

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