October 26, 2022 Hints & Answer

October 26th’s Wordle can be used in many contexts, making it a hard word to solve. However, relevant hints and the actual answer might help players.

October 26th’s Wordle puzzle is now live for players to attempt, and today’s answer is relatively easy to guess. However, many players tend to identify the correct positions of at least three letters but need help to solve the puzzle in their last few attempts. So, to preserve their daily streaks, some players prefer to use hints that paint a clearer picture of the answer. Having said that, players are still encouraged to use their own strategies if they want to solve today’s Wordle answer. The key to solving today’s Wordle is using words that feature two vowels next to each other. However, players who do not have the time and prefer to use hints can use the clues below.


Players will have an easier time using relevant hints that nudge them toward today’s Wordle answer. While these hints do not spoil the answer, they give a fair idea about the solution. These hints are similar to clues found in other vocabulary games, such as Crossword puzzles and other board games.

  • Hint 1: openly disregard a rule or law
  • Hint 2: to mock someone
  • Hint 3: he openly ____ the rules for his own gain (fill in the blank)

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Today’s Wordle Answer (October 26th #494)

The October 26th Wordle answer is FLOUT.

Players will have a better time solving today’s Wordle answer by using the game’s more challenging mode. Wordle‘s hard mode forces players to use confirmed letters in the same spot as their previous attempt, making them think of obscure words. Players will be able to identify the confirmed positions of at least three to four letters by using the words’ CLOUD,’ ‘SHOUT,’ and ‘CLOUT.’ Using these words will also let Wordle players discover the correct positions of the two vowels in the center.

While these words will not outright solve the answer, players will have an easier time guessing today’s Wordle answer FLOUT in their subsequent few attempts after discovering the correct position of four letters. However, players should be careful if they are left with only one or two attempts, as it is easy to use every attempt due to the number of possible answers. In these cases, players are recommended to use Screen Rant’s daily hints for Wordle as it will guarantee a successful solution.

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