OCULT Leather Accessory Pad provides a surface area to organize dedicated daily items » Gadget Flow

Organize your home or office workstation with the OCULT Leather Accessory Pad. Its purpose is to provide a specific surface area for everyday items including earbuds, smartwatches, perfume bottles, photo frames, and more; the choice is yours. This way, you can declutter your area while having everything you need on display. Offering a surface area of 250 mm x 100 mm, there’s plenty of room to present your accessories. Moreover, the Leather Accessory Pad exudes an elegant, minimalist design that won’t just add functionality to your workspace but accessorize it, too. In fact, it’s available in 3 colors—black, brown, and grey—so there’s a shade for you. Furthermore, its leather finish offers a sense of luxury while cushioning your prized possessions. Not to mention that this material ages gracefully with a wonderfully unique texture.

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