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Off the Market Doesn’t Always Mean Off the Internet

Off the Market Doesn’t Always Mean Off the Internet | Realtor Magazine

After a house is sold, a buyer may be uncomfortable with how many images of their new home are readily available on the internet. Listing photos may still be accessible, and new homeowners field inquiries from interested buyers. Homeowners who pull their listing may also be concerned about images of their home.

The listings aren’t deleted until the listing is closed by the listing agent, said Lynne Freda, a real estate professional with Freda Realty in Callicoon, N.Y., to®. “Most MLS systems require seller’s agents to close out sold homes within 24 hours of sale, or the agent will be fined,” she said.

Delays can still happen. For example, sellers who have temporarily withdrawn their home from the MLS may continue to see it surface.

Buyers can call the listing agent to request that photos are removed, the article says. Buyers can also might contact the agent’s broker.

Only licensed agents and brokers who pay for membership to the MLS have access and are the only ones who can post and remove listings,® explains.

“Home sellers are not allowed to make changes, because technically the info and photos become the property of the MLS in which it’s originally listed,” Freda told®.

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