OMI Pod makes packing meals hassle free

Take the hassle out of packing your meals with the OMI The Pod. This versatile food container retains temperature and has a unique Russian doll configuration.

Pack meals easily with the OMI The Pod. This ergonomic food container boasts a compact, stackable design that holds up to 1,500 ml of food. Even better, it keeps different foods separated.

Do you pack your lunch every day? Maybe you wish you did. In either case, the OMI The Pod could help. With its stackable, leakproof shape, it takes the chore out of meal prep and lets you enjoy healthier food anywhere.

Improve your on-the-go meals

You try to eat healthfully and pack your lunch most days. But aren’t you tired of food spillage in your car and carrying multiple containers to the office?

While most of us rely on plastic or silicone containers as go-to lunch boxes, they aren’t very convenient for transporting meals. Most of these containers don’t retain heat or cold, and they certainly don’t stack.

That’s where the OMI The Pod is different. Thanks to its unique shape and hand strap, it’s designed for easy on-the-go use.

For example, the stacking feature enables the container to separate your soup from your salad, or your overnight oats from a rice bowl. Meanwhile, the handle makes carrying it at your side easy; you won’t need to keep it in your backpack or another bag.

Check out this stackable lunch box’s premium materials

By now, it’s pretty clear that this ergonomic food container isn’t your typical lunchbox. Even its materials are top quality. The 5-layer composition boasts 304 and 316 stainless steel, a vacuum seal, base paint, and a velvet finish.

Based on Japanese engineering, this structure delivers stability and temperature retention. The 316 medical-grade stainless steel layer can keep foods warm for up to 12 hours. Then, the 304 stainless steel layer adds a further boost.

The same is true for cold foods. Whether you pack ice cubes or soup, the OMI The Pod has your back and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 250°C.

OMI Pod in a video

Separate foods with the silicone container

We already mentioned that the OMI The Pod‘s stackable design enables it to separate food, but how does that happen? Well, its silicone top gives you an extra container that fits above the main compartment.

It’s great for fruit salad, lettuce salads, and snacks—anything you might want to keep separated from your main meal. Made from food-grade silicone, this container is BPA/BPS free and approved by the FDA.

So it’s safe for dishwashers, ovens, freezers, and microwaves. And since the silicone container fits on top of the main container, the whole setup transports easily.

Eliminate food leaks for good

Tired of olive oil from your pasta salad leaking out of your current food containers? That won’t be a problem anymore with this ergonomic food container. Its leakproof design ensures nothing gets out and stains your car seats or ruins your backpack.

So, go ahead, pack chicken soup for lunch. It stays inside the container, just the way it should, thanks to the vacuum seal feature.

Go for a food container with a compact shape

No one wants to store a wide and unwieldy plastic food container in the office refrigerator, where space is probably limited. The OMI The Pod has you covered here, too.

While it holds up to 1,500 ml of food, it’s somehow smaller than an iPad. In fact, it stands 20 cm tall by 13 cm wide, making it a pretty easy lunch box to carry and store.

And although this ergonomic food container saves space, it manages to pack a wide 13″ diameter, the equivalent of a soup bowl opening.

This lets you enjoy homemade soups, stews, and chilis in a convenient flask design.

Discover other ways you can use the OMI The Pod

The OMI Pod’s use doesn’t stop at lunch, however. You can also use it to make oats on your way out the door. According to the company, all you have to do is pour your dry oats into the flask, then add hot milk or water.

Close the lid, and you’ve got an instant, healthy breakfast!

Personalize your food carry system

Don’t carry a food container whose style doesn’t speak to you. With the OMI The Pod, you can personalize your pod and make it yours.

Choose from the Signature, Iceberg Cerulean, Blush Pink, and Mint Green straps for a stylish accessory you’ll be proud to carry anywhere.

Read our final thoughts on the OMI The Pod

The search is over if you’re looking for a better way to pack your lunch. The OMI The Pod offers a convenient, stackable, leakproof design that far exceeds the typical plastic food container.

Moreover, it’s BPA/BPS-free with 5 layers of insulation, it’s a food container you can rely on for healthier, easier meals every day.

Preorder the OMI The Pod for $69.51 on Kickstarter. What lunch box do you use? Tell us in the comment section!

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