One minute exercise to get rid of double chin: Key technique to tone up muscle

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Danielle Collins has 17 years of experience teaching face yoga to millions worldwide. After her own health journey being diagnosed with M.E, she found the benefits of yoga for her whole body, soon focusing on the face. Now she has appeared on the likes of This Morning and Channel 4’s How Not to Get Old.

She spoke about getting rid of a double chin, detailing a one-minute daily exercise she claims can help.

What is a double chin?

A double chin, also called submental fat, occurs when a layer of fat forms beneath the chin. It can be caused by weight gain, but a person doesn’t need to be overweight to have a double chin.

It can also be caused by genetics or aging.

How can you get rid of a double chin?

Danielle explained: “We can’t spot reduce fat so we can’t pick an area of the face of the body and just exercise and burn fat in that one area.

“What we can do is tone up the muscle. So, if you find that the muscle is lacking a little bit of tone in this area, this technique is great.”

Danielle demonstrated how to do the exercise. She said: “So, you’re going to tilt your head back, bring your lips together and bring the tip of the tongue repeatedly up and down towards the roof of the mouth.

“The tongues coming up and down at about a rate of one per second. Really do take care if you’ve got any neck issues.

“That technique is going to take you one minute per day and it’s really worth doing to keep this area really toned.”

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Danielle is the founder of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, which she describes as “a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing”.

She explained: “It is a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure, and face relaxation.

“It also focuses on wellbeing techniques for the mind, body, and soul.”

Face yoga is a combination of facial exercises and face massage. The two combined help create a younger appearance.

Danielle said: “Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised.

“As they become stronger through exercise they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles.

“As the muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone.”

Massage, on the other hand, increases circulation, lymph flow and removes toxins.

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Danielle said: “This will reduce poor skin tone, puffiness, and dark circles and allow the skin to look healthier and more youthful.

“The massage techniques will also increase the collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents which will mean a firmer and healthier complexion.”

Recently, Danielle detailed jowl face yoga exercises to improve your appearance “in two weeks”.

Danielle has one jowl-busting routine, featuring a few quick moves to improve the appearance of the lower face. 

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