OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro wireless mechanical keyboard has a 75 percent laptop-style layout » Gadget Flow

Restore order and efficiency on your workspace with the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro wireless mechanical keyboard. This keyboard also comes with a keyboard holder that elevates the keyboard’s potential to overcome the chaos on every desk. Additionally, with the OnePlus Red ESC key design and the rotary dial, they invite users to amplify their workflow with OnePlus. In fact, the meticulously crafted Aluminum body delivers a flawlessly premium experience. Typically adopted in tactile-optimized products, such as wristbands and charging cables, the Marble-mallow rewrites the rules for keyboards. If that’s not enough, the gasket design ensures a precisely calibrated yet softer actuation paired with a satisfying sound. Finally, the hot-swappable functionality allows for fast and smooth changes of switches for unique personalization.

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