Opal C1 DSLR 4K webcam for Apple devices features DSLR technology and a fast, glass lens » Gadget Flow

Filter out the dog barking, the doorbell chiming, and other background noise during a videoconference with the Opal C1 DSLR 4K webcam for Apple devices. The Opal C1 features a glass lens that allows in 2.4 times more light than any other webcam. So, even if the lighting in the room is dim, it’ll showcase brightness and color. Furthermore, with its 7.8 mm, 4K Sony sensor, it delivers vibrant brights and deep blacks. Designed with DSLR technology, MicMesh technology, and 3 microphones, it finds and focuses on your voice for audio that’s clear and concise. Moreover, this 4K webcam for Apple devices features a fast processing chip that runs at 4 trillion operations per second. This enables it to load quickly and in real time. Finally, Intel’s new 14 nanometer VPU chip delivers smooth and crisp visuals, which is great for work-from-home video calls.

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