Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle limited release key organizer carries up to 7 keys » Gadget Flow

Organize your messy keys with the Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle limited release key organizer. This update on the classic Black Edition key organizer comes in Crazy Horse Leather, Saffiano Leather, and Cactus Leather. So you can let your personal style shine. This EDC gadget carries two to seven keys as well as car keys and fobs on the D-ring. So it prevents messy keys from cluttering your bag and keeps them quiet, too. Moreover, this key organizer comes with a new and improved Multi-Tool V2 accessory. It boasts nine functions in a thin profile that fits into your Key Organizer. It’s definitely useful to have around. Finally, your Black Edition Bundle arrives in limited-edition black packaging. Overall, the timeless look and classic design of this limited release key organizer make it a great gift for anyone.

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