Oscar Olsson TT-90 System wall-mounted record player can be controlled via a smartphone » Gadget Flow

Rediscover the vinyl experience with the Oscar Olsson TT-90 System wall-mounted record player. Thanks to its slim design, it takes up minimal space compared to a traditional vinyl player. All the while, it makes a wonderful home accessory. Best of all, you’ll receive all the freedom you need if you’re living space has minimal room. Moreover, this wall-mounted record player includes an electronically controlled, lightweight, carbon fiber arm. And the control panel with mobile device connectivity adds extra convenience. Furthermore, control the Oscar Olsson TT-90 System via your smartphone for ease of use, so you can listen to music without touching the record player. Finally, it consists of a steel base, and the turntable motor supports three rotation speeds. There’s also a tonearm counterbalance setting.

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