Oscar Vargas Imagines A Modern Chevy Silverado Stepside SS

GM killed the step side trucks in 2005. Sad! And even though it’s highly unlikely that this will change anytime soon, Oscar Vargas put together some renderings for a modern Chevy Silverado stepside truck, featuring ZZ632 crate engine under the hood. As a result, we can behold the glory that is this Chevy Silverado Stepside 632 SS concept.

Chevy Silverado Stepside 632 SS Concept: Details

Vargas went a bit crazy and decided to provide all the angles he could of this truck, which we greatly appreciate because this thing is a masterpiece, and it makes us wish GM would develop something like this, though we know they won’t.

Oscar Vargas Chevy Silverado Stepside SS

If you aren’t aware of the ZZ632 Chevy big-block crate motor, it’s an absurd engine that manages to make 1,004 horsepower on 93-octane pump gas without a blower. The 632 stands for its 632 cubic inches of displacement, a hair over 10.3 liters if you prefer to think in metric. Peak power comes in just before redline at 6,600 rpm, with peak torque just a thousand rpm lower than 5,600 rpm. Peak sound is available at every rpm. As for the engine’s weight, it’s certainly heavy, coming at 680 pounds, which is roughly one and a half times the weight of the Chevrolet Corvette’s 6.2-liter LT2.

Now, take the images of this concept truck and imagine that powerful engine under its hood, with the large wheels and massive brakes, to ensure the truck has the stopping power needed when all 1,004 ponies are unleashed. It’s stunning to imagine, and even if the truck didn’t feature the giant crate motor, it would still be eye-catching with all the curves of the sidestep Chevy Silverado. Who knows, maybe some aftermarket company will dedicate themselves to piecing together a modern Chevy Silverado stepside after seeing Vargas’s concept, though it likely won’t have the potent ZZ632 engine under the hood as that costs a hefty $37,758 on top of what’s already needed for such a conversion.

Oscar Vargas Chevy Silverado Stepside SS Concept

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