Owlet Dream Duo smart baby monitoring system provides personalized sleep insights » Gadget Flow

Keep an eye on your baby and improve sleep habits with the Owlet Dream Duo smart baby monitoring system. The set includes Owlet’s wearable sock monitor, digital sleep coach, and HD Owlet Cam. Then, AI scans the data to provide personalized content and insights in the Dream App. So it can help you know when and how to put your baby to sleep. What’s more, the system gives you premium video and audio right to your smartphone or tablet. It also offers insights like heart rate, wakings, and movement, giving you a complete picture of your baby’s sleep. Moreover, the Dream Duo sends your baby’s sleep status to the Dream App and the bedside base station. They’ll notify you if your baby needs help falling back to sleep. Finally, the Dream App gives you sleep tips and suggestions from the day your baby is born.

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