Oxygen Not Included: Exosuits Guide

Atmo suits can be made easily in the exosuit forge in Oxygen Not Included, and allow duplicants to move through dangerous environments.

In Oxygen Not Included, duplicants need to move through a variety of hazardous environments, and atmo suits – commonly called exosuits – are used to protect dupes from peril. Without atmo suits, dupes can suffocate in unbreathable gases, such as natural gas, chlorine, hydrogen, or carbon dioxide. They can become scalded by hot liquids, or pass out from the heat in the atmosphere. It’s dangerous to be a dupe!

Duplicants don’t need to wear atmo suits all the time, and it is inefficient to have every dupe on a player’s base climb into a suit each day, but strategically setting them up outside hazardous areas is an excellent way of accessing critters and materials that would normally be out of reach. While there are some extremes in Oxygen Not Included that atmo suits simply cannot handle – for example, temperatures over 726.9 C / 1340.3 F – they can be used to seriously boost the chances of dupe survival.

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Making atmo suits is simple; first, the player should build an exosuit forge. Unlike a lot of other machinery in Oxygen Not Included, exosuit forges do not require liquid or gas. In addition, they do not produce heat. This makes them an excellent addition to a player’s main base, where they can be operated in safety and comfort. They require 400 kg of refined metal to build and 480 W of power to function.

Using Atmo Suit Checkpoints and Docks in Oxygen Not Included

Dupes wear atmo suits in Oxygen Not Included

The exosuit forge in Oxygen Not Included has the capacity to create and repair both atmo suits and jet suits. Creating an Atmo suit requires 300 kg of refined metal and two units of reed fiber. Atmo suits will wear out at 10% per cycle while being used, and worn atmo suits cost one unit of reed fiber to repair at the exosuit forge. Setting the “Worn Atmo Suit” recipe to a high priority “forever” is an excellent strategy, as it ensures that dupes will repair any worn atmo suit automatically. If the player generates enough power, they may even place exosuit forges beside each row of exosuit docks to facilitate quick repairs.

In Oxygen Not Included, each atmo suit dock holds one atmo suit. Once built, the player must select each dock and then click on “Deliver Suit” to ensure that a suit is brought to the dock by a dupe. Each dock must be connected to a gas intake pipe that pumps oxygen into the atmo suit’s tank. This can easily be factored into a base’s oxygen supply setup. Each atmo suit dock uses 120 W of power, but only while supplying suits with oxygen. A fully-charged atmo suit will be effective for 1.25 cycles before needing to be refilled at an atmo suit dock.

Atmo suit checkpoints – commonly known as exosuit checkpoints – mark the point at which dupes put on and take off atmo suits. They do not use any power, gas, or liquid. Like other utilities in Oxygen Not Included, these can be built facing either to the right or to the left, and atmo suit docks  – also known as exosuit docks – should be built behind them. In other words, the atmo suit checkpoints go between the atmo suit docks and the dangerous areas. This should keep duplicants protected as they mine, wrangle, build, supply, or anything else they may have to get done in hazardous environments.

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Oxygen Not Included is available now on PC and Macintosh OS.

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