Panasonic Technics OTTAVA f SC-C70 music system has a full range of playback options » Gadget Flow

Get rich sound from pretty much any source with the Panasonic Technics OTTAVA f SC-C70 music system. This audio gadget plays music from CDs, USBs, Spotify, internet radio, and many other sources. You can also connect to it by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and remote control. Impressively, the fully digital amp configuration with JENO Engine communicates data from the sound source without losing quality. What’s more, with the LAPC technology, you get the ideal impulse response. Meanwhile, Space Tune optimizes the audio depending on your environment. In fact, you can even choose from three placement presets depending on where you place the SC-C70 in the room: Free, Near the Wall, and Near the Corner.  Moreover, you can also measure the room’s acoustics using an iOS-integrated microphone. Furthermore, the incredible speaker system consists of three new speaker units. Finally, with its elegant and classic design, this music system always looks great.

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