Patriot Brings The Sting With New Viper Elite II RAM

Patriot, which produces some of the best RAM on the market, has presented the new Viper Elite II, the successor to the brand’s award-winning Viper Elite family. Retaining its successor’s DNA, the Viper Elite II memory arrives with an aggressive design that’s devoid of flashy RGB illumination.

The Viper Elite II, which is built for performance and overclocking, featuring a 10-layer PCB with hand-tested memory integrated circuits. Patriot offers the memory in a single module presentation and a dual-channel package. The Viper Elite II comes with densities, spanning from 16GB (2x8GB) to 64GB (2x32GB). There are four data rates to choose from: DDR4-2666, DDR4-3200, DDR4-3600 and DDR4-4000.

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