PC Building Simulator Now Free on Epic

Buying the best graphics cards is a big ask in the real world right now, but thankfully, there’s still a way to build PCs with the best and rarest components in the meantime. And for a limited time, it’s now completely free. PC Building Simulator, a game in which you can build your own dream PC in glorious cyberspace, is up for grabs at no cost on the Epic Games Store until October 14th.

PC Building Simulator

(Image credit: The Irregular Corporation)

Originally released at the beginning of 2019, PC Building Simulator is an exacting recreation of the sweaty art of building a PC. If this doesn’t sound like a great way to spend an afternoon, then the overwhelmingly positive online reviews might change your mind, as they tell stories of hours lost to the game, along with complaints about a lack of thermal paste and cables that are unrealistically thin. 

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