PETKIT Fresh Element Solo smart pet feeder helps with portion control and keeps food fresh » Gadget Flow

If your dog or cat tends to wolf down their meals, you need the PETKIT Fresh Element Solo smart pet feeder to help with portion control. This smart feeder dispenses 50 g of food at a time to prevent overeating and has a 3-litre capacity. Designed with 3 lock systems, it keeps all types of food fresh, including dry and freeze dried. Moreover, your furry friend will love this smart pet feeder as it features a 6-degree incline and a slightly lifted base to avoid neck harm while they’re eating. It includes a manual feeding button should you need to fill up your pet’s bowl. Alternatively, you can schedule feeding times for when you’re not home. Plus, it means that you’ll never forget mealtimes again: simply load it up and go about your day. Finally, thanks to its clog-free design, you’ll never have to worry that food will get trapped.

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