PHANTOM wooden robotic chessboard boasts craftsmanship

Upgrade your online chess games with the PHANTOM chessboard. It lets you challenge opponents anywhere while the robotic board replicates their moves. You can even move your pieces via voice command. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this high-tech chessboard.

Enjoy online chess with a stunning physical set when you have the PHANTOM robotic wooden chessboard. This innovative board combines craftsmanship with advanced tech. It even has a sensor array that moves each piece silently across the board as you play. The best part is, the pieces move in response to your voice or another player’s actions who’s across the world.

You love online chess and playing with people all over the world. But the screen-based games lack the physical element of the play. Because there’s something satisfying about feeling the rook between your fingers as you land on a square with a dramatic thump. The PHANTOM aims to bridge the gap between online and physical play by integrating technology into a beautiful chessboard. Let’s have a look at it.

Play on a beautiful, automated chessboard

This robotic wooden chessboard features weighted pieces and elegantly crafted natural wood with all the details you’d expect from a traditional set. But inside, it boasts an extraordinary sensor array that detects the precise location of each piece. It then moves the pieces smoothly and silently across the board like a phantom player. It’s like magic and makes for a truly incredible playing experience.

PHANTOM wooden robotic chessboard
PHANTOM on a black background

Challenge opponents across the globe

What’s more, this robotic wooden chessboard lets you play a real, physical game against anyone, anywhere. Your opponents can play with you using their computer, smartphone, or a PHANTOM chessboard of their own. Their moves happen in real time on your board; it’s as if they’re in the room with you. And if they’re playing on another PHANTOM, your actions reflect on their board in real time, too.

PHANTOM wooden robotic chessboard
PHANTOM in different finishes

Command your troops via your voice on this high-tech chessboard

Want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while you play? Luckily, this high-tech chessboard responds quickly to voice commands, freeing up your hands. Simply say “Knight G4,” and your piece will heed your command.

PHANTOM wooden robotic chessboard
PHANTOM in brown

Vie against a human-like AI

Want to test your chess skills? See how they compare to Maia, a human-like neural network chess engine. It mimics human play and automatically adapts to your skill level. You can count on this AI player to always present a fun yet challenging game. Otherwise, you can play against other engines like Stockfish at different levels. You can even integrate your own.

PHANTOM wooden robotic chessboard
PHANTOM in the Minimal design

Watch historic chess games

Some things are better enjoyed in person, like a live concert. The same holds true for chess. Luckily, this robotic wooden chessboard doesn’t just let you play; it plays back some of the most famous chess games in history autonomously. Select from the curated library of 100+ games or upload your own. You can even record your games and play them back to view over and over again.

Improve with every game

Another great feature of the PHANTOM is its PHANTOM Tutor. This feature is like a personal trainer but for chess. It remembers all of your moves and gives you exact suggestions on how to improve. That way, you can keep getting better with each game.

Add a piece of art to your living room

Yes, chess is a board game, but the board itself is beautiful. And the PHANTOM is so stunning; you won’t want to hide it away in a closet. Custom crafted using high-quality materials, this wooden chessboard becomes a decorative element of your living room that adds warmth and elegance.

Choose from 2 designs

And since this chessboard becomes the focal point of any room, you want it to suit your home decorating scheme. For that reason, the PHANTOM’s creators offer two designs of their innovative chessboard—The Minimal and The Classical. The Minimal boasts pieces with clean lines and few embellishments; it’s sure to look great in modern homes. Meanwhile, The Classical pieces are modeled after the Staunton chess set—a traditional style that’s been popular for over 150 years.

Enjoy an authentic experience with this smart chessboard

Expert chess players work to move their pieces elegantly and with precision. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, however, most automatic chessboards have failed to accurately imitate a human player and move slowly and robotically. But the PHANTOM is different. Its creators aimed to recreate the human touch as much as possible for a natural experience.

Play anywhere with the cordless version

Want to enjoy a beautiful game of automated chess on your patio on a sunny afternoon? It’s a possibility with the cordless version of the PHANTOM. Just set it up outside and start playing. It has a long-lasting battery that really makes it possible to play anywhere.

Tinker with the PHANTOM with the open-source protocol and hardware

This robotic wooden chessboard’s creators want to allow for an in-depth enjoyment of chess. For that reason, they let anyone communicate with the PHANTOM while using its open-source protocol. This means that hobbyists and tinkerers can use the board as a platform for any kind of project. Plus, the hardware is also open-source.

The PHANTOM is a beautiful, high-tech way to enjoy the physical aspects of chess. Yet, you can still play with people from all over the world, just as you could on your smartphone. And the smooth, naturally moving pieces that shift across the board in response to your opponents’ moves are simply breathtaking. This set is a beautiful conversation piece for your home and makes an impressive gift for a special chess player in your life.

The PHANTOM robotic wooden chessboard typically costs $670. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $399. Do you play chess? If so, what do you look for in the ideal board? Let us know in the comments.

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