Phase One Of 2021 Ford Bronco Production Has Finally Begun

Well folks, the time is finally here. The 2021 Ford Bronco officially entered phase one of mass production, according to Bronco 6G Forum, on Tuesday, March 30 at 8:30 AM, EDT. This first round of vehicles aren’t going to customers however, and main production won’t start until May 3. Instead, these early SUVs will be dealer demos and press vehicles. Color us excited for the second one.

This is a huge first step for the 2021 Ford Bronco, which has faced numerous delays due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In the beginning, the reveal was pushed back, then production, then production again. Now, we’ve learned certain hardtop models are being bumped to the 2022 model year. Customers with the black painted modular hardtop on order will either have to modify their orders, or wait until next year. Hearing production is underway, however, is a lovely piece of good news we’ve all been waiting to hear for so long.

Photo via The Bronco Nation

The long forum thread also shows a growing stockpile of various 2021 Ford Bronco models outside the Michigan Assembly Plant as of Easter Sunday, which is yet a great sign of things to come. But it’s also a bit of a letdown, because these aren’t actually cars customers will be able to buy.

We’ve previously reported Ford is allowing their dealers to sell Bronco Sport demo models to keep up with high demand, but there’s absolutely no indication they’ll do the same with the Bronco. Still, excited customers and Bronco fans may soon be able to head to their local dealer and see the SUV everyone has been waiting for in the metal for the first time. It also gives dealer staff a chance to get familiarized with a product they’ll certainly be selling a lot of over the coming years.

While we still have a bit longer to wait for full 2021 Ford Bronco production to really begin, this is an awesome first step we are happy to see.

2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door 4-Door Sport

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