Play Maysie magnetic dollhouse is travel friendly and gender neutral

Tired of losing toys when you leave the house with your child? The Play Maysie dollhouse has magnetic, interchangeable rooms and fixed wooden furniture, ensuring that all the pieces stay in the travel-friendly case, where they belong. This contributes to less mess and frustration-free play. The case is inspired by vintage tin lunchboxes and features gender-neutral colors. It also has a handle and strap for super portability. Plus, this magnetic dollhouse is made of eco-friendly, renewable materials, so it’s a toy you’ll feel good about adding to your child’s collection. What’s more, the Kickstarter campaign contributes to a good cause. For every three Play Maysie cases purchased, the company pledges to donate another to a child entering foster care. Great for indoor or outdoor play, Play Maysie supports your child’s imagination, creativity, and independence.

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