Pocketalk Plus handheld translator offers 2-way translation of 82 languages & dialects » Gadget Flow

Communicate with anyone practically anywhere you go when you have the Pocketalk Plus handheld translator. This real-time translation gadget works accurately in up to 82 languages and dialects. Using top-notch transcription and translation engines, it offers frequent software updates so that the latest in technology is always at your fingertips. Moreover, this HIPAA-compliant device has PIN locks and lets you set timed automatic history deletion. That way, you can easily translate while knowing your conversations remain protected. Moreover, this gadget can even translate text on images. So it can help you read signs, menus, and other written text. Simply take a photo with the camera, and the large touchscreen shows you translated text directly on top of the image. There’s even an optional audio translation.

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