Pokemon GO developer is making a Transformers mobile AR game

Pokemon GO developer is making a Transformers mobile AR game

Developer Niantic is best known for its work on Pokemon GO, but the studio is involved in multiple projects. Starting today, Niantic will be responsible for yet another major project, Transformers: Heavy Metal.

The studio announced it has partnered with Hasbro for the development of a real-world mobile game in the Transformers universe. Little is known about the AR (augmented reality) mobile game, but an official page is now available for those who’d like to sign up to receive more information.

The only thing revealed by Niantic is that players will get to team up with iconic Transformers like Bumblebee in the real world. Also, the studio announced that the game will enter soft launch in select countries soon.

More importantly, Niantic confirmed that Transformers: Heavy Metal will be released globally later this year. If this ends up to be “a Transformers game unlike any other,” as Niantic claims, then fans of AR mobile games should definitely check this one out when it launches in Q4 2021.

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