Pokémon Masters EX Second Anniversary Event To Give Free Gems

Pokémon Masters EX players can get some free Gems and be able to scout up to 100 sync pairs at no cost as part of the game’s second anniversary.

The latest Pokémon Presents livestream has confirmed Pokémon Masters EX players can get free Gems in honor of the game’s second anniversary. The free-to-play mobile game will also be introducing new storylines, as well as adding Pokémon Masters EX Legendary Events, and free Sync Pair scouts.

Pokémon Masters EX lets players recruit and battle different Pokémon trainers from across the whole franchise, with the goal of becoming Champion of the Pasio Island Pokémon Masters League. The game uses Gems as a premium currency, and players can use them to scout for Sync Pairs (a trainer and one Pokémon) to help on their quest. Sync Pairs are chosen randomly from a pool, and cost 300 Gems or 100 paid Gems daily to acquire. Gems can also be used to purchase egg research items, and also refill stamina. The currency is very useful, and being able to score some for free during the anniversary event will be a boon for many Pokémon Masters EX players.

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Today, August 18, The Pokémon Company announced that Pokémon Master EX‘s two-year anniversary celebrations are now underway, and players can earn 3,000 Gems for free simply by logging in. Players will also be able to scout up to 100 sync pairs at no cost, beginning today, with 10-pair Scouts available daily. Three different Legendary events will also be returning at once, with Legendary Pokémon Xerneas, Palkia, and Kyurem. The celebrations don’t end there, as later this August players will be treated to two-year anniversary Sync Pairs. On August 29 at 11:00am PDT, N will be returning to the game along with Reshiram. Fans can expect more details in the future, with other anniversary Sync Pairs still to be announced, and a new “darker” villain story arc coming on September 15.

There’s never been a better time to jump into Pokémon Masters EX as Dynamaxing is now live in the game with a Legendary event currently in progress. Sygna Suit Leon and Eternatus have arrived, and players can team up with brothers Hop and Leon as part of the event. The game has also recently introduced Dynamaxing to Pasio for the first time. The mechanic was added to the Pokémon series with Pokémon Sword and Shield, and sees Pokémon grow in size while turning their attacks into Max Moves to inflict even more damage.

Pokémon Masters EX‘s anniversary celebrations could help the game see even more success, offering a chance for players to grab some Gems without having to pay. With a host of events to get stuck into right now, along with more content due in the coming weeks, Pokémon Masters EX‘s second anniversary event is sure to please both new and existing fans of the game.

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Pokémon Masters EX is available on iOS and Androids devices.

Source: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube

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