Poll: How long does your phone battery last on average? One day or even less…

How long does your phone battery last on average? One day or even less...

UPDATE: Battery life seems to remain an issue for modern smartphones. More than 75% combined can’t squeeze more than 1 day on a single charge. That’s wildly inconvenient, to say the least. We’re waiting for a revolution – maybe solid state batteries will finally become a reality in a year or two? It’s not just smartphones that suffer, laptops, electric vehicles, basically everything that uses batteries is a victim. So let’s hope for a technological breakthrough soon…

Smartphones are getting more powerful and more capable with each generation but there’s one very important aspect that lags behind – battery life. Back in the day, dumb phones were able to go on for weeks but that’s not the point. 

Since the mighty smartphone came along, battery life hasn’t changed that much. I remember vividly how companies blabbered about the sacred two-day battery life ages ago.

And I feel like we’re stuck with these imperfect slabs of lithium that can only get us through the day on average. Browsing through our database I stumbled upon several polls of the same sort, all of which produced more or less the same results. 

People struggle to squeeze more than one full day out of their phones. Now, several years later, I’m curious if the status quo remains unchanged.

The capacity of the average smartphone battery has increased, that’s a fact. But has the average time on a single charge increased? Let’s find out! 

Please vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below. It’s true – we have fast charging now but we also have the term “battery anxiety.” This can’t be good, right?

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