Possible AMD RDNA 3 “Navi 3x” GPU PCI-IDs Revealed, At Least 8 SKUs For Next-Gen Radeon RX & Radeon Pro

A series of PCI-IDs for AMD’s next-generation RDNA 3 GPUs featured on the Navi 3x lineup have been revealed by _Rogame.

AMD RDNA 3 “Navi 3x” GPU PCI-IDs Revealed, At Least 8 SKUs For Next-Gen Radeon RX & Radeon Pro

According to Rogame, AMD may have at least 8 GPUs based on their next-generation RDNA 3 GPU architecture which is expected to launch on the 3rd of November. These GPU IDs are not specific to desktop parts but also include mobile and Pro series products. There are at least 8 SKUs that have been mentioned though the list is preliminary and there could be even more SKUs once the lineup is officially announced. The current Navi 3x lineup includes:

  • NAVI 31: 0x7440 -> 0x745F
  • NAVI 32: 0x7460 -> 0x747F
  • NAVI 33: 0x7480 -> 0x749F

The AMD Navi 33 GPU lineup alone includes six SKUs with their PCI IDs being:

  • 0x7480
  • 0x7481
  • 0x7483
  • 0x748B
  • 0x7489
  • 0x749F

As per Rogame, the desktop gaming SKU is usually the last ID of the range so the parts mentioned above are what could end up in the Radeon RX 7000 graphics card lineup. Now it makes sense for entry-level SKUs such as Navi 33 to include six or even more PCI IDs but top-end SKUs may keep it to a minimum. Even if we get 6 PCI IDs per GPU SKU, that’s a total of 18 products that will be aimed at diverse markets including Radeon Desktop, Radeon Mobile, Radeon Pro Desktop, & Radeon Pro Mobile.

AMD confirmed that it’s RDNA 3 GPUs will be launching in November with a huge performance uplift. The company’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Radeon Technologies Group, David Wang, said that the next-gen GPUs for Radeon RX 7000 series will offer over 50% performance per watt uplift vs the existing RDNA 2 GPUs. Some of the key features of the RDNA 3 GPUs highlighted by AMD will include:

  • 5nm Process Node
  • Advanced Chiplet Packaging
  • Rearchitected Compute Unit
  • Optimized Graphics Pipeline
  • Next-Gen AMD Infinity Cache
  • Enhanced Ray Tracing Capabilities
  • Refined Adaptive Power Management
  • >50% Perf/Watt vs RDNA 2

The AMD Radeon RX 7000 “RDNA 3” GPU lineup based on the Nav 3x GPUs is confirmed for launch on the 3rd of November and we will also be getting custom variants the same day.

AMD RDNA 3 Navi 3X GPU Configurations (Preliminary)

GPU Name Navi 21 Navi 33 Navi 32 Navi 31 Navi 3X
Codename Sienna Cichlid Hotpink Bonefish Wheat Nas Plum Bonito TBD
GPU Process 7nm 6nm 5nm/6nm 5nm/6nm 5nm/6nm
GPU Package Monolithic Monolithic MCM (1 GCD + 4 MCD) MCM (1 GCD + 6 MCD) MCM (TBD)
GPU Die Size 520mm2 203mm2 (Only GCD) 200mm2 (Only GCD)
425mm2 (with MCDs)
308mm2 (Only GCD)
533mm2 (with MCDs)
Shader Engines 4 2 4 6 8
GPU WGPs 40 16 30 48 64
SPs Per WGP 128 256 256 256 256
Compute Units (Per Die) 80 32 60 96 128 (per GPU)
256 (Total)
Cores (Per Die) 5120 4096 7680 12288 8192
Cores (Total) 5120 4096 7680 12288 16,384
Memory Bus 256-bit 128-bit 256-bit 384-bit 384-bit x2?
Memory Capacity Up To 16 GB Up To 8 GB Up To 16 GB Up To 24 GB Up To 32 GB
Memory Speed 16-18 Gbps TBD TBD 20 Gbps TBD
Memory Bandwidth 512-576 GB/s TBD TBD 960 GB/s TBD
Infinity Cache 128 MB 32 MB 64 MB 96/192 MB TBD
Flagship SKU Radeon RX 6900 XTX Radeon RX 7600 XT? Radeon RX 7800 XT?
Radeon RX 7700 XT?
Radeon RX 7900 XT? Radeon Pro
TBP 330W ~150W ~250W ~350W TBD
Launch Q4 2020 Q4 2022? Q4 2022? Q4 2022? 2023?

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