President Schumer or President Manchin?

As Coons laughed and apologized, Wallace added: “You said President Schumer. I think Sen. Manchin. … Maybe we should say President Manchin at this point!“

Coons and Wallace continued with their discussion of Biden’s agenda, some of which is in limbo as compromise is sought with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) and others in Congress not willing to go as far as Biden is on a hefty spending package. Coons predicted that package will ultimately be approved, along with an infrastructure bill.

Wallace asked Coons if, as an old friend of Biden’s from Delaware, he gave the president advice on how his legislation is doing in Congress.

“We do have heart-to-heart talks.” Coons said “I appreciate the chance to talk with him directly. One of the reasons why I have supported, I do support, and I’ll continue to support Joe Biden is he’s a person who deeply believes in us. He believes in our nation.”

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