Prinker M portable temporary tattoo device creates water-resistant but washable designs » Gadget Flow

Get the tattoo you’ve always wanted without the lifelong commitment when you have the Prinker M portable temporary tattoo device. This device is easy to carry and palm-sized, letting you create designs on the go or while you travel. What’s more, the designs are water-resistant yet soap washable. Even better, using the device is simple. Just sync the app with your phone and choose from over 11,000 designs or create your own. Once you send your preferred design to the device, simply roll the Prinker M over your body to transfer the image. Meanwhile, the brand’s cosmetic inks are registered with the FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program and wash off easily. Moreover, each ink cartridge prints up to 1,000 temporary tattoos, allowing you many opportunities to express yourself. Furthermore, using the device is safe and works quickly. Finally, with a battery life of 4—5 hours, it keeps up with you.

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