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Private Jet Card Comparisons Adds Complimentary Scheduled Consultations for Subscribers

Presented by Private Jet Card Comparisons – Private Jet Card Comparisons adds complimentary scheduled consultations for subscribers

If you are looking to fly privately, after you have spoken to several companies, you are probably confused. It’s hard to sort through the competing claims.

And while the brochures all have pretty pictures of puppies and little kids, you want to compare important rules and policies that impact how much you pay and drive the best options for your needs.

While private aviation saves time and stress, finding the right jet card or charter program can be time consuming and stressful.

Enter Private Jet Card Comparisons, the brainchild of veteran journalist and media executive Doug Gollan. Founded in 2017, Private Jet Card Comparisons provides subscribers updated data covering 65 different variables for over 50 providers that impact program choice:

Aircraft – How are the aircraft sourced? Is it a broker program? Are the aircraft owned or managed? Are there age guarantees?

Pricing – Purchase price, hourly rates, and pricing methodology

Flexibility – Lead time for reservations and cancellations, applicable aircraft, seating capacity, and service area – where you can fly at your contracted rates

Stability – Ownership, company history, headcount, refund options, and escrow account options

Aircraft Type – Search by cabin category or specific aircraft type, including ability to upgrade or downgrade based on your needs for that trip

Details That Matter – Insurance, WiFi, pet policies, service recovery, initiation fees, annual and monthly dues, CPI Escalators, fuel surcharges, de-icing, and number of peak days and peak day charges, taxi time, segment, and daily minimums, roundtrip discounts

And much more…

Unlike lead generation sites that offer free assistance and guides, then sell your contact information to jet companies and receive kickbacks by directing you to “partner” providers, Private Jet Card Comparisons is an independent resource providing quantitative data in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

Through July, there have been 83 updates to the 2021 guide, meaning users save time by having pertinent information at their fingertips.

Subscribers can either do their own analysis or use its JET CARD DECIDER tool to request a customer analysis. It takes just minutes and can be completed online.

Now, Private Jet Card Comparisons has added complimentary scheduled consultations. After subscribing, you use an online calendar to schedule your free session directly with Gollan.

The service is $250 per year, and includes PREMIUM CONTENT, articles that are designed to help subscribers save thousands of dollars on a single flight. Stories include best jet card for short flights, those that don’t have surcharges on peak days, and programs that include deicing as part of their hourly rates.

Find the right program for your needs and become an educated buyer when you subscribe. For more information, visit Private Jet Card Comparisons.

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