Procharged Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8 Makes 965 HP Without Trying

Brian Wolfe, the Godfather of Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla V8 engine is back at it again with a new ProCharged build showing off just how robust the Blue Oval’s new small-block architecture really is. With 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque coming on at just 4,000 RPM in stock guise, we all knew there was more on tap. Especially when you add some type of supercharger.

The former boss of Ford Racing boss, now heading Willis Performance Enterprises, has been exploring the bandwidth of the Godzilla V8 for big, big power. In the past year, Wolfe has shown us lightly modded versions of the 7.3 capable of 600 hp, and later bumped it to 780 hp. That’s before building a supercharged version for drag racing with 1,450 horsepower at like 7,800 rpm.

The latest supercharged Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8 to come out of Willis is a conservatively built F1A94 ProCharged version kicking out 965 horsepower and 845 lb-ft of torque on the dynamometer. Other modifications included Willis’ house-made Stage 2 heads, a dry-sump oiling system, upgraded pistons and rods, plus a mild cam.

Ford 7.3L V8 Cutaway

The intake manifold, throttle body, crankshaft, and head gaskets are stock production parts, meanwhile, the fuel injectors were borrowed from the GT500 and turned up to 73 psi. According to Wolfe, the engine in question is capable of so much more but the duty cycle of the fuel injectors wasn’t able to keep up with the engine’s fueling demands past 5,900 rpm.

Apparently, the supercharged Godzilla V8 engine wasn’t expected to make this much power with the massive slower rotating 5-inch pulley on the back of the ProCharger, this customer came into the shop looking for just 850 hp. The measured output came from less than nine pounds of boost, and Wolfe reckons that with a higher injector flow rate, an upgraded intake manifold, and a smaller ProCharger pulley this build would be capable of 1,200-1,300 hp.

Even without all that additional work, Wolfe says they’ll throw some higher flowing injectors at this 7.3L which should turn that lazy 965 hp at 5,900 rpm into something closer to 1,000 hp or even higher. Certainly impressive. Now, the only problem is we can’t wait for these Godzilla’s start showing up in junkyards across the country.

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