Prodigy Images Are Stunning Depictions of Outer Space

The latest images from Star Trek: Prodigy live up to the promise of taking the sci-fi franchise to new places, revealing gorgeous space scenes.

The latest images from Star Trek: Prodigy reveal truly stunning looks at outer space and promise thrilling adventures ahead. As Paramount+ continues to expand its Star Trek empire, the franchise is dipping back into animation. Following Star Trek: Lower Decks and a handful of episodes from the Short Treks series is Star Trek: Prodigy, a show aimed at a new generation of fans. The series was first announced in 2019 and is expected to premiere on Paramount+ sometime this year. It will later air on Nickelodeon.

Star Trek: Prodigy will follow a group of alien kids on the run from the law. While trying to get away, they stumble upon an abandoned Starfleet ship. Now armed with the perfect mode of transportation, the kids jet off for adventures across the Delta Quadrant, all while being guided by Voyager‘s Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), albeit in holographic form. In using computer-generated animation, Star Trek: Prodigy branches out from other animated programs within the franchise. The change so far seems to be a solid one, as evidenced by the latest pictures released from the show.

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New Star Trek: Prodigy images from Paramount+ reveal the incredible landscapes the alien kids will see on their travels. From what looks like a futuristic cityscape to the ruins of a spaceship set against the backdrop of a colorful night sky, Star Trek: Prodigy is not holding back when it comes to its creativity. You can see all the new pictures down below.

Star Trek Prodigy Show space

Star Trek Prodigy

Star Trek Prodigy Outer Space

Star Trek Prodigy Space

Though Star Trek has primarily existed in the live-action realm over the years, there’s no denying that animation presents more unique opportunities. Star Trek: Prodigy has more freedom when it comes to the places its characters can go, since they aren’t hindered by needing to create a physical set or adding a lot of special effects. This series presents the chance to explore new worlds not found on any other Star Trek show. Based on the above images, showrunner Ben Hibon and his team definitely seem to be aware of that fact.

These pictures come after Star Trek: Prodigy revealed its full cast, which includes Dee Bradley Baker, Ella Purnell, and Jason Mantzoukas. It feels like the show is gradually nearing its premiere, though it still remains to be seen when fans can expect it. With Star Trek: Discovery expected to return later this year, it stands to reason that Paramount+ will debut Prodigy before then, to at least give the shows some space. Only time will tell how the scheduling shakes out, but Star Trek: Prodigy is definitely debuting soon.

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