Protect your home with this wireless and wire-free outdoor rech

(Pocket-lint) – As the world becomes increasingly wire-free, it feels redundant to continue using wired security cameras. While numerous companies have produced wireless indoor security cameras, Reolink is one of the few brands providing extremely convenient wireless rechargeable security cameras for the outdoors. Furthermore, Reolink’s Argus Eco is an eco-friendly security camera that you can recharge naturally using solar panels.

If you want to equip your home with a truly wireless security camera, the Argus Eco is certainly worth exploring. Below, we highlight Argus Eco’s specifications and most essential features to help you make that decision.

Key features of Argus Eco:

  • Battery or solar-powered camera
  • 1080p full HD video
  • 2-way intercom system
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Low-battery notification
  • 33 feet night vision
  • 100° viewing angle
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Intelligent motion alerts
  • Voice-recorded alerts

Battery or solar power — it’s your call

Argus Eco’s primary attraction is that it’s truly wireless. Most “wireless” security cameras aren’t truly wireless because they still have to be connected to a power source — they’re only wireless in the sense that you don’t need an ethernet cable. Even battery-powered security cameras are often hard to categorize as truly wireless because they need to be charged constantly.

However, Argus Eco is a truly wireless camera. It’s powered by an extremely durable and long-lasting rechargeable battery that works independently without being plugged in. The battery life is strong enough that it doesn’t need constant charging. Furthermore, you can also connect it to a solar panel to ensure it remains powered up at all times. Besides being extremely convenient and neat, it’s also eco-friendly.

Full HD footage with complete night vision

Argus Eco has an extremely powerful lens that captures full HD (1080p) videos during the day or night. It has an extremely wide 100° viewing angle, so it minimizes blind spots in the area to allow you to capture motion from everywhere. Furthermore, it features infrared LEDs that provide up to 33 feet of visibility with optimal clarity, so you can easily check the footage even in the middle of the night.

Only intelligent, meaningful alerts

Most security cameras release a high volume of false alarms because of weak motion sensors that are often triggered because of environmental movements, such as the wind. However, Argus Eco comes with an inbuilt PIR motion sensor that eliminates all false alarms. You can also change the motion sensitivity to ensure it’s only triggered when there’s real human movement. You receive notifications and alarms in the form of emails, push notifications, or a siren sound.

2-way intercom feature for easy communication

The Argus Eco includes an inbuilt mic and speaker that allows you to communicate with whoever you want via your phone. Using your phone, you can communicate with those on the other end of the camera, whether it’s your children, pets, strangers, or potential intruders. This feature allows you to respond promptly when your motion sensors are triggered.

Save the footage on the cloud or on an SD card

This security camera automatically records footage from all the moments when the motion sensor is triggered. You can then use the smartphone app to access all the recordings in chronological fashion. This allows you to find extremely specific footage from a specific location and save the content to the cloud or your SD card. This feature simplifies the process of tracking specific events on specific dates.

IP65 rating for harsh weather conditions

The Argus Eco has an IP65 weatherproof rating, which means it works perfectly in the harshest weather conditions, such as rainstorms. Thanks to the IP65 rating, you can easily install this security camera outdoors without worrying about rainstorms.

Argus Eco is currently one of the most powerful, truly wireless security cameras on the market. If you’re looking for an outdoor security camera that you can power with solar panels, look no further.

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