PurePort Cleaning Multi-Tool for iPhone and iPad restores connectivity for proper charging

If you’re having trouble getting your iPhone or iPad to charge properly, its Lightning port might need cleaning. The PurePort Cleaning Multi-Tool for iPhone and iPad will take care of that with ease. Don’t use a needle or pushpin that could damage your device. Instead, this cleaner keeps your Apple devices, cables, and accessories clean both inside and out. Additionally, this multitool removes gunk from Lightning ports, switches, and speakers. If you’ve looked at your smartphone speaker lately, you’ve probably noticed it’s full of random debris. This cleaner will remove lint, dust, hair, or oil. Furthermore, this Lightning port cleaner can even make your charging cables function like new by removing contaminants from their pins. Just because your device or cable isn’t functioning properly doesn’t mean you should toss it—the PurePort Multi-Tool can help it work like new.

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