Q Acoustics Concept Series loudspeaker range provides impressive sonic performance » Gadget Flow

Add an incredible piece of tech to your home with one of the Q Acoustics Concept Series loudspeaker range speakers. Using advanced, innovative technology, they provide audio excellence and a sensational sound stage. The series includes the Concept 30, Concept 50, Concept 90, Concept 50 5.1, Concept 20, and Concept 40. They range from bookshelf speakers to floorstanding speakers. Furthermore, these beautifully styled speakers have no artificial coloring and the quietest cabinet possible. Combining a Gelcore cabinet and internal point-to-point bracing, they have a great isolation suspension system base. Moreover, the unique driver design delivers a resonance-free speaker. Overall, the Concept family has exceptional internal engineering and a stunning, premium finish on the outside in three lacquers: white, black. and silver.

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