Quantinuum Creates Quantum-Powered Encryption That’s Available Today

Quantinuum, a business unit of quantum computing company Honeywell, has productized what it calls the world’s first quantum-powered encryption key generator. The technology, marketed as Quantum Origin, will provide clients with quantum-computing derived encryption algorithms with different levels of security capabilities. The company positions its product as a blanket solution for current cybersecurity problems and the nefarious “steal today, decrypt later” attacks that have become more and more likely as developments in quantum computing advance at a breakneck pace.

Quantinuum positions its quantum-computing-derived algorithms as the perfect, unassailable security solution for today’s businesses. The company’s claim is based on the sheer complexity of quantum computing systems; the output encryption algorithms would just take too long a time (let’s say, billions of years) to be decrypted by even the most powerful Turing-based computers of today and tomorrow. Moreover, taking advantage of the property of entanglement, quantum computers can unlock levels of data complexity that are simply not achievable by the computing architecture we’ve seen evolve from room-sized to computers down to our Apollo-11 beating smartphones.

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