QuickSett V2 rotating disc for snowboard binding makes you more comfortable on the slopes » Gadget Flow

Enjoy better sensations and comfort while snowboarding when you have the QuickSett V2 rotating disc for your binding. Designed and built for snowboarders—especially those with sensitive knees—it lets you remotely lock and unlock the rotation of your binding on the board to a cruising position like skateboarding. It provides comfort and relief while helping eliminate the discomfort of your knee on the chairlifts and in queues. It puts your body in a similar position to skateboarding, so you can truly cruise on the flats. Additionally, it keeps your knees comfortable when standing still, on the flats, or on the chairlift. Say goodbye to twisted, uncomfortable knees under stress. Moreover, it lets you switch from alpine mode to free mode in a few seconds at any time. Finally, relax at the chairlift exit because it keeps your legs less contracted, making it easier to move away from the chairlift.

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