Radical Dodge Viper Powered Motorcycle Was Built By A British Person

The legendary Dodge Viper is remembered as a 645 horsepower bareback driving experience highlighted by its massive 8.4L V10; which remains the most powerful naturally aspirated American engine to this day. So naturally, the first thing someone thinks when looking at the Vipers tire-shredding engine is, “What if I put that on a bike?” That is precisely what Allen Millyard thought when he purchased the 8.0L V10 in 2009 and began constructing this Dodge Viper-powered motorcycle, over in the UK. 


Dodge Viper V10 Engine Motorcycle: An Engineering Masterpiece

The Dodge-powered motorcycle is named the Millyard Viper V10, and thanks to Hagerty, we know that Millyard has driven his creation more than 9,000 miles at speeds well over 200 mph. Allen Millyard has a two-part video series on YouTube that showcases both the bike’s innovation and the cycle in action. The fabrication of this Dodge Viper V10 motorcycle was done extensively by hand, with the suspension fabricated from two Yamaha coil-overs with car springs. The entire bike is an engineering feat, with the cycle only having a front frame as the engine acts as the bulk of the Millyard Vipers’ body. The swingarm, single-speed gearbox, brake system, and hand-foot-operated clutch were all custom made for the build turning the two-wheeled hot-rod into a beautiful work of art. 

Dodge did attempt to build their own Viper-powered motorcycle type thing dubbed the Tomahawk some time ago (pictured below), which was a four-wheeled sculpture that could lean during test rides/drives, which proved to be relatively functional despite its quirks. Still, Dodge never got it to the same degree as the Millyard Viper V10, which actually looks like a motorcycle that weighs in at nearly 1,400 pounds. Check out the videos for yourself so you can properly appreciate this absolute beast of a bike.

Dodge Viper V10 Engine Motorcycle Bike Tomahawk Concept
Image via Wikimedia Commons

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