Ram Will Announce HD Truck And 1500 EV In Coming Months

We know that Ram has been working on developing trucks so that they can expand their lineup into the mid and small truck segments. While that’s bound to be revealed at a later date once they have something more concrete. Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. told Autoblog that the company has some big pickup reveals coming up within the next couple of months for both the Ram HD line and the Ram 1500 EV.

Koval tipped Autoblog that the brand has a major Ram HD announcement happening in October, right off the heals of big truck news coming from both Ford Motor Company and General Motors. The Ram CEO wouldn’t give too much away, but with rumors of a Ram HD Rebel on the way and other technology updates expected, it could be just enough to ruffle the feathers of its chief rivals debuting new or refreshed trucks.

Koval also touched again on the possibility of a smaller Ram truck, but more or less restated what he was willing to say to us during Dodge Speed Week a month ago.

2024 2025 2026 Ram 1500 EV Revolution Electric Pickup Truck
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Ram Revolution EV Concept In November

After the Ram HD announcement in October, Ram will reveal the Revolution electric truck concept in November, which will give us a preview of the brand’s first foray into the EV space, and could be displayed at the 2022 LA Auto Show happening the same month. The Ram 1500 EV is expected to arrive for by 2024, and could potentially offer range-extender hybrid variant. Even as the the Ram EV is going to arrive behind the competition, this is by design, as Stellantis can more easily read the cards of its competition from Ford and GM before showing its hand. Additionally, the market hasn’t been kind to early entries, as Rivian, Ford and GM continue to grapple with supply chain issues, record commodity pricing, and quality hiccups as everybody continues to dial things in.

Koval told MotorTrend that the team is close to locking in the final design. The brand chief made it clear that he’s confident the electric Ram will be competitive. Using the Stellantis STLA Frame platform, it’s expected to provide up to 500 miles of range and quick charge times, using powertrain technology that isn’t available today. 500 Miles of range would alleviate any concerns regarding electric charge while on the road.

Dodge Ram Revolution Teaser Shot
Image via Ram

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