Razer’s new iPhone 13 Arctech cases will keep your phone as cool as a cucumber

Razer's new Arctech gaming cases will keep your phone cool

Razer has just come out with a third-gen lineup of smartphone cases for hardcore mobile gamers, and their special feature (apart from the very cool, rugged aesthetic) is that they are designed to keep your phone as cool as possible (and not just in looks). 

Everyone knows that a single intense gaming session can seriously ramp up the heat on your smartphone, and it can often get to the point of being uncomfortable and affect your CPU performance and battery life (unless you’ve got the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, maybe… that could be a different story).
Razer has undertaken to help mobile gamers by designing an updated phone case with optimal passive cooling solutions to allow the excess heat to escape from the back of the phone, rather than insulating and reflecting it back into the handset like traditional rubber cases tend to do.

The back of the new case is dotted with visible ventilation channels, which should take care of any extra heat generated by the phone during a bout of intense gaming. Behind these holes is a “thermally conductive layer,” which absorbs the heat buildup and directs it away from the phone.

But that’s not all, Razer says; the Arctech case corners have been reinforced with TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which is not only thermally conductive, but as a bonus, it’s also produced from non-toxic recyclable plastics which leave a minimal environmental footprint. 

The case itself is a non-slip texture on the outside, allowing for a solid grip with minimal risk of it slipping out of your hand. Even if it happens to fall, however, it’s no biggie: the tough polymer mix reinforcing the case corners is allegedly even more durable than the previous generation, and can take a solid beating to protect your phone.

Over the top of the case is an antimicrobial protective layer, Razer claims, which prevents the growth of bacteria on the textured case even if you accidentally leave it too long without cleaning it. 

Unsurprisingly, the case also supports Apple’s MagSafe and Qi wireless charging pads, so you will never have to remove the case to juice up your device (or enjoy 5G, for that matter).

Razer’s new Arctech and Arctech Pro cases are available for all four of the new iPhone 13 models: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini, presenting one of the best heat-dissipating case solutions to the most recent iPhone flagship family. 

All the cases cost $44.99 and are exclusively sold on Razer’s website.

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