Redshift Arclight LED Bike Pedals amplify your motion for up to 57% more visibility » Gadget Flow

Amplify your safety on the road with the Redshift Arclight LED Bike Pedals. These smart pedals highlight your biological motion, making you up to 57% more visible than when using standard bike lights. With their powerful LEDs and long-lasting rechargeable battery, you will stand out and stay safe on short jaunts around town and long rides in the countryside. In fact, the battery lasts up to 36 hours! You get 360 degrees of visibility, and the pedals use SmartSet technology for advanced Auto On/Off and Auto Color-Change functionality. Moreover, you can use the optional Multi-Mount to attach the lights anywhere on your bike. The LED light modules are also super rugged and waterproof so they won’t limit your adventures.

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