Reencle at-home composter naturally composts up to 2 lbs of food waste in 24 hours » Gadget Flow

Dispose of your food waste the natural way using the Reencle at-home composter. This handy gadget effectively composts up to 2 pounds of food waste every 24 hours. And it returns 90% of it back to nature! Using organic additives, it devours your food waste totally naturally, and its 3-tier filter system controls the odor and moisture. All you have to do is pour the organic additive mix in and then add water. It’s as simple as that to turn your food scraps into compost the next day. You won’t smell anything coming from the Reencle, thanks to the additives that remove and release odors through the built-in exhaust filters. Plus, the carbon filter absorbs any lingering smells. Give back to nature with this device.

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