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Report Shows Where Yards Get Highest Value

Report Shows Where Yards Get Highest Value | Realtor Magazine

When it comes to the value of a home, yards in Hawaii get the most consideration in the U.S.

Living Cozy, a homeware and furniture brand analyzed the average home value and yard size in each state to identify where the size of a yard could have the biggest impact on a property’s value. Researchers found that Hawaii is the state with the highest yard value compared to the other states.

“Famous for its luxury homes with large backyards, houses in Hawaii have the best chance of a large garden adding to the home value,” researchers note. The average yard size in Hawaii is 20,470 square feet while houses are valued at $615,300, on average.

View the charts below to see the 10 states where yards can potentially add the most to home values, as well as which states have the biggest yards.

States where the yard increases home value
States with the biggest gardens


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