Resident Evil Village Fan Simulates Getting Stepped On By Lady Dimitrescu

Capcom teams up with YouTuber Kyle Hill to determine how much damage Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu’s foot can do to a human face.

A YouTube channel has created an uncomfortable simulation of what it would feel like to get stepped on by Resident Evil Village antagonist Lady Dimitrescu. The newest entry in the long-running survival horror franchise will put players back in the role of Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan Winters. The title is set to follow in that game’s first-person footsteps while also taking inspiration from the iconic Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil Village developer Capcom recently revealed some fascinating new tidbits about the upcoming title via the PlayStation Blog. Pre-release trailers already introduced fans to Lady Dimitrescu, otherwise known as the “Tall Lady,” an imposing matriarch who stands taller than 9 feet. Many gamers were immediately smitten by the dangerous mutant woman, but Capcom recently revealed that Lady Dimitrescu will pursue players throughout the game similar to previous Resident Evil foes like Mr. X and Nemesis. This is sure to introduce a new layer of horror to the new installment, as those enemies always stood out amongst the rest of the series’ monsters, who could be avoided by simply entering a new area. Another classic Resident Evil mechanic, saving at typewriters, will also return in Resident Evil Village. While classic installments required players to find and spend ink ribbons to save their game, adding an extra layer of challenge, the eighth game will not feature ink ribbons.

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YouTube content creator Kyle Hill has partnered with Capcom in an attempt to simulate what it would feel like to get stepped on by Lady Dimitrescu. The video is filled with puns, often at the expense of gamers who have fallen for Resident Evil‘s newest and tallest lady. Hill uses sound scientific logic, calculating Lady Dimitrescu’s body mass index in order to estimate what effect she would have if she stepped on his face. The villain’s high heels, which only add to her immense height, also ensure that her stepping on someone’s face would be extremely painful.

While fans are still busy admiring Lady Dimitrescu, Capcom recently released an Environment Tour trailer for Resident Evil Village so gamers can admire the game’s unique setting and gorgeous graphics. The game’s titular village provides an open area through which players can explore, while the series’ familiar tight corridors are beautifully lit thanks to current-gen hardware. The trailer also shows off a bit of combat, giving players a closer look at the game’s hideous enemies.

While Resident Evil Village doesn’t release until next month, gamers have already made Lady Dimitrescu into an iconic villain. The character’s appearance, quite unique among female video game antagonists, makes her immediately memorable and endlessly intimidating. While bewitched Resident Evil Village fans may hesitate to run away from the Tall Lady, Kyle Hill’s scientific research proves that Lady Dimitrescu’s high-heeled foot can be instantly lethal.

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Resident Evil Village will release on May 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Kyle Hill

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