Resident Evil Village PC Update Fixes Annoying Frame Rate Issue

Capcom has released a new patch for Resident Evil Village which aims to address frame rate issues related to the game’s anti-piracy technology.

Capcom has released a new update for Resident Evil Village on PC, aiming to address frame rate issues thought to be related to the game’s anti-piracy technology. Resident Evil Village is the latest game in the longstanding horror series, and released for both PC and console earlier this year. PC users, however, have reported some frame rate problems when playing Resident Evil Village on certain hardware.

Resident Evil Village has been one of the biggest video game releases of 2021 so far, selling over three million copies in just four days following its launch in May. Featuring new-gen graphics, atmospheric locations, and terrifying enemies, the title has firmly cemented itself as one of the most successful in the series. Most reviews of Resident Evil Village are similarly positive, but some PC players encountered technical issues at launch.

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The latest patch for Resident Evil Village on PC is now live. Sharing the news on Twitter, the official Resident Evil account announced the Steam PC update, confirming that FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) from AMD is now supported, noting that “FSR supports higher frame rates on PC for an improved gaming experience.” The update also introduces adjustments made to optimize the game’s anti-piracy technology (DRM). While the fix doesn’t remove the DRM, Resident Evil Village players on PC should see fewer frame rate hitches thanks to the new changes. The update, which is around 1.03 GB, can be seen in action thanks to a graphics comparison video by YouTuber Sammy (via WCCFTech).

The update comes just days after allegations that some PC players were experiencing trouble with Resident Evil Village, noticing frame rate issues during enemy encounters and cutscenes that weren’t present in pirated versions of the game (without DRM). It was discovered that Resident Evil Village achieves better PC performance without Denuvo DRM, which has seemingly led to the release of the game’s new update. Capcom has not directly confirmed the patch has been launched to deal with the controversy, though the company did previously state the issue would be fixed with an upcoming update.

Frame rate stutters and blips have been a problem for fans of Resident Evil Village on PC since the game’s release, but the new fix should make the overall experience a lot smoother for anyone who experienced problems. While Capcom is seemingly still dedicated to patches and fixes for the game, the company has also revealed Resident Evil Village DLC is also in the works. The news was announced earlier this summer, although it’s not known what the DLC will entail, or when it might release.

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Resident Evil Village is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: RE Games/TwitterSammy/YouTube (via WCCFTech)

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