Resident Evil Village: What Powers Does Rose Have?

Resident Evil Village: What Powers Does Rose Have?

Rose Winters endures a lot of hardships during Resident Evil Village, and the ending shows her as one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Resident Evil Village follows the story of Ethan Winters as he tries to save his daughter Rosemary from the evil clutches of Mother Miranda and her mutated children. During the course of the game, Rose goes through a lot of traumatic scenarios that leaves the young infant in grave danger many would not escape from. However, Rose miraculously survives the proceedings and is rescued by her father and Chris Redfield, and the end of the game reveals that Rose walked away with some mysterious powers for her troubles.

[Warning: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village below]

Characters with unique characteristics are not uncommon in Resident Evil Village, with the Four Lords all having their own distinct powers after Mother Miranda used the Cadou parasite and the Megamycete to transform them into potential vessels for her deceased daughter, Eva. The imposing Lady Dimitrescu has the ability to elongate her fingers into razors and can take on a monstrous form, and her daughters are made up of insects that can disperse and allow them to teleport quickly around the castle. These abilities are completely different from those of the other Four Lords, with Donna Beneviento developing a psychic connection with her creepy doll, Moreau having aquatic-oriented powers, and Heisenberg being able to wield metal in destructive ways.

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The reveal of Rose’s powers should not come as a surprise to players of Resident Evil Village, considering the connection that Ethan and Mia have with the Megamycete. Mia found herself at the mercy of Eveline in Resident Evil 7, infected with the Mold that allowed Eveline to control her and the Baker family. Ethan’s situation is a bit more dire, as a late game twist in Resident Evil Village reveals that Ethan’s body fused with the Mold after he was brutally murdered by Jack Baker in the previous game.

What Rose’s Potential Powers Could Be

Rose Winters as she appears grown-up

Rose’s potential abilities are talked about during Resident Evil Village’s post-credit scene.  After taking a bus to visit her father Ethan’s grave, Rose walks towards a black vehicle that is guarded by a well-dressed man from Blue Umbrella. During a tense exchange, the man alludes to the fact that Rose had escaped from their sight and proceeds to call her Eve, which Rose does not take too kindly. She slams the man against the side of the vehicle and tells him to watch himself, saying that she has powers “even Chris doesn’t know about.”

There are many different powers that Rose could have, considering that she inherited many of the same abilities that were found in Eveline, the first successful host that Mother Miranda created to resurrect her child that died from the Spanish flu. Supernatural healing abilities would be a fair guess, as both Ethan and Mia Winters display similar qualities due to their connections with the Mold. This would explain the way Rose is able to survive being dismembered and reassembled during the events of Resident Evil Village with her consciousness intact, instead of Eveline taking over her body during Mother Miranda’s ritual.

Another potential power that Rose could have inherited from Eveline is the ability to use the Mold to infect and control people around her. Eveline put this power to evil use with the Baker family in Resident Evil 7, so it stands to reason that mind control could be one of the abilities that Rose is keeping from Chris to avoid increased surveillance of her activities. There is also speculation that Rose has the same rapid aging that Eveline did, which would mean that she is way younger than the teenager that she appears to be. It remains to be seen what Rose’s powers truly are, and fans will have to wait for the reveal in the eventual sequel to Resident Evil Village.

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