Resident Evil Village’s Merchant & Weapon Upgrades Detailed In Video

A plethora of Resident Evil Village features have been detailed in a new gameplay video, showcasing the merchant and the weapon upgrade system.

Taking on powerful monsters in Resident Evil Village will require players to upgrade their gear and make deals with The Duke, the game’s merchant. The long-awaited Resident Evil Village will have a balance of survival horror and action mechanics, but new details have emerged indicating new Resident Evil features that ramp up the action. The weapon system has been overhauled and many details were outlined in a new gameplay video. The upgrade system in past games often included a systemized progression of weapons and gear for the protagonist to use against zombies and other creatures. Now, though, there is a focus on strategically upgrading gear.

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While Resident Evil Village will contain many traditional horror elements like a similar atmosphere as Resident Evil 4, it will also have features that lend it more towards the action side of the horror/action game spectrum. Not only is the game first-person, but it also includes an upgrade system. Animals can be hunted and eaten to make Ethan stronger, which can be used to enhance strength, speed, and other abilities.

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A gameplay video by Game Informer revealed a brand new system in Resident Evil Village that changes the way weapons work. By accumulating Lei, the game’s currency, Ethan can purchase upgrades for his weapons that improve damage, ammo capacity, and other enhancements. The video showed an example of Ethan’s sniper receiving an upgrade that prevents sway, and a pistol upgrade that gives each shot more damage and power.

This weapon system is drastically different from previous Resident Evil games, but these mechanics have been present in similar ways in games like Resident Evil 5. Still, those games often limited upgrading to make the protagonist feel powerless to the many foes they might face. In Resident Evil Village, upgrading will be an essential component in readying Ethan for the road ahead, such as fighting off intelligent Lycans.

Obtaining Lei will be similar to collecting coins in previous Resident Evil games, and can be earned by defeating enemies and selling valuable items scattered across the game’s locations. Selling those items to The Duke, the merchant in Resident Evil Village will provide enough Lei to purchase weapon upgrades that enhance firearms in many different ways. There is still a focus on the risk/reward balance of inventory and resource management, but the arsenal Ethan carries along with him will become more deadly as he moves forward on his adventure.

There will still be definite challenges as Ethan progresses in the story and faces stronger opponents. Resident Evil Village, the middle chapter in a Resident Evil trilogy, looks to bring more strategy to the weapons of the game, giving the player more customization and choice with their zombie-slaying arsenal.

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Resident Evil Village will arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 7.

Source: Game Informer/Youtube

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