Rezvani Teases A 1,000 HP Beast To Be Revealed This Summer

California-based Rezvani has just dropped two teaser images that preview what’s to come with the all-new 2023 Beast. While the photos shroud the car in shadow and mystery, a sleek silhouette remains, giving us just enough to pique our interest, and it looks like there are some significant changes to the car on the way.

New Rezvani Beast: Teaser Details

The original Rezvani Beast was released in 2014 and used the Ariel Atom as its base. You know, the car that destroyed Jeremy Clarkson’s face. Currently, it’s unclear what platform the new Beast will be using, if any, but the images show that the 2023 Beast has a roof and a fully enclosed cabin, which is quite different from before. We can see a sports car’s aerodynamic design with a low hood and sensual curves along the fenders. There’s even a faint outline of front fender vents; we can see a red Rezvani badge and a minor lip spoiler at the back.

Based on preliminary info, the new Rezvani Beast will feature a carbon-fiber body and “exotic doors.” Powering this elegant car will be a twin-turbocharged engine with a mid-engine layout and “optimal seating position for the driver.” Beyond that, Rezvani hasn’t provided any more details about the design. The powertrain’s output hasn’t been specified, or where exactly it will be sourced from, but the company stated that the car would have over 1,000 horsepower. Perhaps the supercharged Hemi they use for the Jeep Wrangler-based Tank? We’ll see.

The current Beast offered by Rezvani has a supercharged Honda motorcycle engine that produces 500 ponies, which is capable of accelerating to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Based on the teaser images, the new Beast will likely be a departure from the current car. Rezvani hasn’t announced a specific debut date, but the California company stated that the 2023 Beast would debut sometime this summer. People interested in getting their hands on the promising new supercar can reserve one with a refundable deposit of $250. When the car debuts, we will likely get a timeline for deliveries, but until then, we’ll just have to admire the teaser photos.

2023 Rezvani Beast Teaser

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