Rian Johnson Is Open To A Star Wars TV Series

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, who’s long been developing a trilogy set in a galaxy far, far away, is open to making a Star Wars TV series.

Rian Johnson says he would be open to making a Star Wars TV series. Before Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in theaters in 2017, Lucasfilm demonstrated tremendous confidence in the writer/director by enlisting Johnson to develop a new Star Wars film trilogy. The project was eventually put on the backburner as Johnson become involved in his growing Knives Out film franchise. For some time, it looked like the plans had been scrapped entirely before Johnson confirmed his Star Wars trilogy talks were still alive. Still, there is no concrete timeline for when it might actually happen.


Now, with Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy not making much progress in recent years, the filmmaker might be willing to pivot to the small screen. During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Last Jedi director was asked directly if he would be willing to make a Star Wars series, and he responded, “I would do a Star Wars anything.” Read Johnson’s full answer below:

I would do a Star Wars anything. And if I had an idea that I was excited about, that worked better as a show than a movie, I’d do it that way. At the moment, we’re in between making the next Benoit Blanc movie and thinking about Poker Face. I keep getting together with Kathy [Kennedy] and having conversations. Who knows? Making The Last Jedi was the best experience in my life, so I should be so lucky.

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A TV Series Could Finally See Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Story Realized

Rian Johnson on the set of Star Wars The Last Jedi

Johnson was more likely expressing interest in pursuing new ideas for Star Wars TV shows rather than reworking his current Star Wars trilogy into a TV series. However, with Lucasfilm aggressively expanding its slate of Star Wars projects for the small screen, whatever story Johnson has in mind for his Star Wars trilogy would have a much better chance of being realized as a Disney+ series than a theatrical trilogy. The only question would be if Johnson would be willing to make the switch.

Ever since Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed at the box office and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker capped off the Skywalker saga to divisive fan reactions, the franchise has shifted focus to the small screen. For instance, Obi-Wan Kenobi was planned as a movie, but eventually found a home on Disney+ as a limited series. Having Johnson’s trilogy switch gears to a TV show would clearly mesh better with Lucasfilm’s current fixation on television.

After getting his start as an indie filmmaker before graduating onto big blockbusters, Johnson recently ventured into television by creating Poker Face, a case-of-the-week mystery series for Peacock starring Natasha Lyonne. Though Johnson is a visionary director whose films thrive on the big screen, he has shown a willingness to tell stories on the small screen if it’s a better fit. Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy probably wouldn’t be better suited for Disney+, but considering Lucasfilm’s current approach, at least his new Star Wars story could actually be realized.

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